Pasadena Police Seize 9 Firearms and Arrest Multiple Armed Suspects

- File photo by Terry Miller
Pasadena PD and SAWT. – File photo by Terry Miller


In response to the Jan. 6, double homicide and the injuring of two others, the Pasadena Police has increased patrols throughout the city. Despite a strong police presence, on Jan. 7, a fifth person was shot and expected to recover. Pasadena Police detectives believe the shootings are gang related and have a nexus to the communities of Duarte and Altadena.

In an effort to identify and arrest the suspect(s) responsible for the murders and to prevent potential retaliatory shooting, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez deployed additional officers. Since the January 6th double homicide Pasadena patrol, and Special Enforcement officers have arrested 10 armed suspects, believed to be connected to local street gangs.

On Jan. 7, at approximately 4:40 p.m., Pasadena Gang Enforcement Officers conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle with two occupants. One of the suspects fled from the car and a foot chase ensued. Ultimately, both suspects were arrested and were in possession of loaded firearms at the time of their arrests. A third suspect was arrested in relation to this investigation. All are believed to be members of gangs.


 1) Doncell Hannah, Male African American 23., Pasadena Resident- In Custody

 2) Michael Robertson, Male African American 31, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

 3) Richard Isham, Male African American 31, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

 On Jan. 8, at approximately 7:10 p.m., Pasadena Gang Enforcement Officers stopped a suspicious looking vehicle which resulted in the arrests of three suspects, armed with a loaded handgun and a loaded assault rifle.


1) Richard Toney, Male African American 26, Duarte Resident- In Custody

2) Marcus Momon, Male African American 32, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

3) Kaquann Offutt, Male African American 27, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

On Jan. 9, at approximately 2:11 a.m., Pasadena Patrol Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with four occupants. The occupants were all armed with loaded handguns and a loaded assault rifle and total of five firearms were seized at the time of the arrests of the four suspects.


1) Randy Broadnax, Male African American 29, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

2) Marvin Evans, Male African American 30, Los Angele Resident- In Custody

3) Derek Brown, Male African American 31, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

4) Dwayne Ellis, Male African American 33, Pasadena Resident- In Custody

“I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Pasadena Police Department who have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of these predators and others like them who live within our community,” said Sanchez. “These arrests and seizures serve as a vivid reminder that high capacity weapons are in the hands of criminals. I am hopeful that through robust police enforcement strategies, along with information sharing among law enforcement organizations, we will arrest those persons responsible for the recent murders and bring them to justice.”

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