5th District Supervisorial Race Heats Up in the Courtroom


Kathryn Barger and Darrell Park. - Photos by Terry Miller
Kathryn Barger and Darrell Park. – Photos by Terry Miller


Donald Trump Opposition Sparks Writ in 5th District Race

By Terry Miller

Los Angeles County Supervisor candidate Kathryn Barger filed a petition for writ of mandate against Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan and fellow supervisorial candidate Darrell Park last Monday.

The writ takes issue with statements in Park’s candidate statement that reference his opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy for president and the support he has earned from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

There will be a hearing on the matter in the Los Angeles Superior Court scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 8.

Bill Carrick, with Kathryn Barger’s 5th District Campaign, took exception to our story last week regarding the writ Barger filed against opponent Darrell Park:

California law allows candidates to have a 300-word ballot statement to go in the official ballot pamphlet. Under California law, a candidate in a non-partisan race cannot refer to partisan affiliation. Darrell Park violated the law when he mentioned in his ballot statement he was endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

“Darrell Park also violated the law that prohibits attacks on your opponent in the official ballot statement. Park attacked Kathryn Barger, saying she was a supporter of Republican Donald Trump and his agenda.

“This is not only a legally prohibited attack by Darrell Park. It is untrue. Kathryn Barger does not support Donald Trump or his agenda and will not vote for him.

“The Barger campaign is asking the court to have Darrell Park remove these illegal statements from his ballot statement.”

Beacon Media contacted Darrell Park for his thoughts on the writ:

Unlike Kathryn Barger, I am proud of my strong opposition to Donald Trump and believe it is important to inform voters that I stand against Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric. My candidate statement went through a thorough review by the Registrar Recorder’s office after the closing of the filing period for both the primary and general elections. It was approved both times because it does not mention my opponent by name and abides by the rules. This action by Barger’s campaign is nothing more than a political stunt, which aims to waste taxpayer money and bleed resources from our grassroots campaign.”

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