San Gabriel Waterfalls Near Azusa

Image used for illustration purposes only. – Courtesy photo

John Robinson begins his write-up for Millard Canyon Falls by stating: “Of the two dozen or so real waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains, only four are readily accessible to the leisurely stroller. Millard Canyon is one of these.” He doesn’t specifically name the other three. So I had the opportunity to ask him about it. He said that the other three he probably had in mind were Switzer, Rubio, and Fish. And then he added Sturdevant and San Antonio. Then I asked about Lewis, Eaton, and Monrovia. To that he replied, “Well, I guess there are more than four.”

Robinson features 11 waterfalls in his 100 Trails, all of which are pretty easy to get to (12.6 miles of the trip to Glen Canyon Falls are on a paved road which can be done easily on a bike). The chart above shows these trails plus several more popular falls.

Ann Marie Brown, in California Waterfalls, lists 14 in the San Gabriels. Nine of Robinson’s are included (She excludes Glen Canyon and Fish Canyon). The other ones she adds include:
– Placerita Creek Falls
– Devils Canyon Falls (remote and not easy to get to)
– Eaton Canyon Falls
– Hermit Falls
– Monrovia Canyon Falls
– Bonita Falls

Jerry Schad features 13 waterfalls hikes, all of which I’ve included on the chart except for the Upper and Lower Devils Canyon trips. These two adventures are quite arduous. He does not mention Glen Canyon Falls.

John McKinney features 11 waterfalls hikes, all of which I’ve included on the chart. The ones he does not include are Cooper Canyon Falls, Glen Canyon, and Lewis Falls.

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