Jorge V. Rosales for Azusa Unified School District Board

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I am running for AUSD Board because I am ready to make a difference. After having prepared, attended, and participated in nearly every Board meeting for over the past ten years I believe I am ready to deal with many of the problems affecting the District from becoming a District of choice. In a survey done in 2013 in preparation for the $92million Measure K Bond, only 11 percent of those surveyed believe the District’s quality of education is excellent and 31 percent said is good; the remaining 58 percent rated the District as fair to very poor.

Personnel problems exist throughout the District resulting in a vote of ‘no confidence’ with the current Superintendent. “When she came in, she really promoted a policy of programs over people. And decisions were made for the advancement of programs at the expense of employees,” Azusa Educators Association President and 28-year Azusa Unified teacher Meg Savella said. “We do not want to follow someone who does not value us, and who we in turn don’t respect for the decisions that she’s making.” Board member Paul Naccachian said he “found the situation troubling, and the district should look into why District employees are so unhappy.” The solution I propose is to improve two way communications, up and down, to uplift employee morale.

Other major issues to resolve include: 1) stop or reduce student enrollment decline and District transfer requests; 2) increase parental participation in the education of students; 3) annual budget is cumbersome and non-decipherable for public understanding; make budget more transparent and easy for the public to understand, revenues vs. expenditures; 4) improve the implementation of the $92 million Modernization of School Facilities Measure K Bond with better planning and implementation practices and the reduction of ‘piecemealed’ projects and the excessive use of consultants.


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